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Bucegi Natural Park


Park Regulations

The purpose of this regulation is to govern all anthropogenic activities that take place inside Bucegi Natural Park (PNB) and in the protected natural areas of national interest included or attached to its perimeter, respectively the Natura 2000 Site ROSCI 0013, the Cocora Cave and Cheile Urșilor, Cheile Tătarului, Horoabei Valley, Orzea – Zănoaga Reserve, Zănoaga – Lucăcilă Reserve, Răteiului Cave, Lăptici Peat, Poiana Crucii, Plaiul Hoților Reserve, Plaiul Hoților Fossil Site, Prahovean Bucegi Escarpment, Barbeș’s Colt Mountain, Bucșoiu Escarpment - Mălăesti – Gaura, Locul fossil from Vama Strunga and natural monuments with geological, geomorphological, speleological or landscape values, existing in the Bucegi Natural Park.

The PNB Regulation also aims to establish restrictions and prohibitions related to the exploitation and management of natural resources, the use of land, buildings and roads, compliance with the legal provisions regarding the delimitation and activities allowed in the legally existing management areas, in order to protect and adequate conservation of natural and cultural heritage assets in the PNB.

Compliance with this Regulation is mandatory for the Administration of Bucegi Natural Park, all authorities that regulate activities on the territory of protected natural areas, respectively territorial administrative units that own or administer land in PNB, natural or legal persons that own or administer land and other goods and/or who carry out activities in the PNB perimeter and in their vicinity, to companies that carry out work or manage goods, to all categories of researchers, ecologists, tourists, climbers and speleologists who carry out activities in the PNB.

The official document can be downloaded below