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Landscapes and Trails

Canions, blue water lakes with small wooded bridges, alpine hiking trails, will send you thinking at fairytales.


Some of the most iconic
Wildlife species in Europe

The Bucegi Mountains are home to a large biodiversity, the most iconic being brown bears, wolves, chamois, red deer, lynx, martens, otters and even golden eagles have been spotted here.


Unique Rock Formations

Bucegi Natural Park is home to some of the most impressive natural rock carvings in Europe, which resulted from wind erosion on conglomerate rocks, over thousands of years. The most popular are The Sphinx and Babele, a human head and respectively several mushroom shaped rocks.

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Omu Peak, Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Natural Park

Located in the heart of Romania, between urban areas of major importance and close to the famous mountain resort - Sinaia, Bucegi Natural Park is an extremely popular protected area in our country and part of the international Natura 2000 network. Some of the most famous attractions associated with Bucegi Natural Park, besides the large bear population and breath-taking scenery, are the Sphinx and Babele, conglomerate rocks carved by wind erosion. Bucegi Natural Park was established in 2003 by the Romanian government, becoming a sanctuary for the preservation of traditional cultural landscapes, where sustainable human activities are part of nature. With an impressive biodiversity of fauna and flora, including endemic and rare species, this protected area has been a subject of study for local and international biologists since the 19th century. Moreover, many legends and supernatural stories from the Bucegi Mountains have made this area famous as one of the most mysterious in the country.

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Amazing views and amazing people! You can find all types of tracks for all levels, all of them are marked so it is quite hard to get lost! Furthermore, it is a beautiful natural park that offers great views, provided you have a bit of luck and the weather is by your side. (source: google)

Andrei Cristian Cornif

We hiked to Omul approximately 2.5 hours over moderate to difficult terrain. Views are fantastic with rocks and animals. The whole environment and ambiance go together for an amazingly unique experience. (source: google)

Barry Buchanan

Regardless the weather this nature park is beautiful and mystical. Let's help keep this place clean and healthy. (source: google)

irisje R

Amazing landscape in the Carpathian Mountains. The views are breathtaking, the air is clean. Wild animals can still be seen, especially the Carpathian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos arctos). Road state is on the downside, but it is part of the local picture. (source: google)

Immanuel D.

Amazing hikes in the area. Prepare well (have the right equipment) before you go and research propperly. It can be tricky in some areas. (source: google)

Maria Morut

It is safe to say that the park is amazing. The views are beautiful on the mountains and the forest is calm and peaceful. You can do little day hikes through the woods, stride out and summit the peaks, or camp on the mountain and walk across multiple days to see all that you can. (source: google)

Will .

One of the most beautiful areas in Romania. Although I recommend visting during the week because of the traffic and crowds from the week-end. Sinaia, Cota 2000, Babele, Crucea Caraiman and Busteni are some of the must see places. (source: google)

Robert Constantin

Amazing national park! If you're ready for it, there is amazing trail to do for the mountaineer (up to 5 hours to summit.) The park is really well preserved and the summit is amazing. A necessary warning, the trails are very difficult and shouldnt be done without proper equipments. (source: google)

Louis Thomann

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