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Bucegi Natural Park

Tickets & Prices

The visitor fee supports us in keeping doing what we do, which is preserving this mountain for future generations. We maintain order and compliance with visitor regulations, maintain trails, assist you when you are in trouble on the mountain, collect garbage, protect flora and fauna, educate children and adults, we upload photos on social media to show you the local natural beauty, set up lots of information boards, and much more.

Each visitor who pays the visitor tariff, supports nature conservation on this mountain, thus maybe together we can prevent more disturbance to wildlife or rare flowers this year. Thank you!

Tickets can be purchased either online, by clicking the TICKET button in the menu above or in cash, from our park rangers. You can find their contact details by using the TICKETS button as well.

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The tickets are valid for 90 days. More about tickets below.


Three Months Ticket

Teens and Adults
14 + years old
10 RON
0 - 14 years old