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Alpine Poppy

Conservation status

Least Concern

Native habitat

Alpine regions with limestone rock bed.


20 cm


July - August

Life span



Papaver alpinum, the Alpine poppy or dwarf poppy, is a poppy found in the Carpathian Mountains and Alps. This species includes several sub-species. A short, upright, hairy perennial with leaves one to two odd pinnate. Grows to a height of 5 to 20 cm, with several upright and hairy stems. As with all poppy species, a latex is produced. The feathery leaves are arranged in a ground hugging rosette. The flowers are hermaphroditic and are radially symmetric with a diameter of up to 5 cm. The fragrant flowers do not have nectar, but produce pollen. The flowering period is from July to August. All alpine poppy sub-species have a strong taproot and make a good rockery plant. To help secure the plant, the root hairs are angled upwards.